My background is in the corporate world of management consultancy, working on major change management projects and in the fields of organisation design / development, talent assessment and development.  I have experience across a wide range of industries including public sector, finance, transport, oil & gas, pharma and the 3rd sector.

Now I specialise in projects where my cross-over skills from psychotherapy can add unique value.

Team Performance Coaching


Recent work – some examples 

A Leadership Resilience programme for the top team of a public sector organisation undergoing profound change.  Enabling them to move from working as individual function heads to taking on the collective mantle of leadership for the whole organisation, in order to make the new vision and culture happen.

A series of team development workshops for staff at a mental health charity, delivering better communication, team cohesion and a clear understanding of the team’s purpose.

Training in stress management and resilience building for the leadership team of a digital agency experiencing constant change, growth and needing to deal with issues of retention (as an Associate with WDI Consulting).

Collaborating on a multi-disciplinary project team with a qualitative market research agency to understand the experiences of people in debt, for a not-for-profit debt advice service.  I used Transactional Analysis to help the agency and the client develop effective communication messages to use in advertising.

A series of workshops facilitating the leadership team of a public sector agency – starting with team development (communication, dynamics) and moving on to the development of a strategic narrative.  We used creative, experiential sessions to enable each member of the team to find their own ‘leadership voice’ to communicate the strategic narrative to the business (with WDI Consulting).