Introduction to my blog

Here I will be writing about some of the subjects I am passionate and curious about:

I want to explore how the world of business can connect with the world of psychology – how to bridge the chasm between those markedly different paradigms. Professor Cary Cooper tweeted recently that when senior managers hear about the solid evidence linking improved employee well-being to better performance at the bottom line, they nod their heads but don’t take any action.  I’m interested in why that happens.

The other subject I’m likely to write about – won’t be able to help myself – is about brains, babies, relationships and society.  We understand much more concretely now the impact of the baby’s interaction with his or her parents in those early months.  This has major ramifications for social policy.

As a psychotherapist I take very seriously the issue of client confidentiality.  I won’t be writing about my 1-2-1 client work.

I invite you to comment if you feel moved to do so!


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