How I work

How I Work

I draw on many different styles of psychotherapy to find an approach that suits each individual client.

In short-term work my approach will often include some of the techniques for which Transactional Analysis (TA) is famous: analysis of ego states, transactions, games and script.  For more information about TA, see the ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) website.

In longer-term psychotherapy work, specific techniques play a supporting role, but the main thing underlying successful psychotherapy is the building of a relationship of trust and acceptance. This is vital – together we create a safe space in which to explore whatever you are struggling with.  Because each relationship is a unique creation of the two people involved, each psychotherapy is unique. Which makes writing a ‘How I work’ page a bit difficult.  However I would describe myself as a  humanistic / integrative, relational psychotherapist.  Click through to find out more about the different types of psychotherapy.

Because the relationship between you and your psychotherapist is such an important factor in whether the therapy is successful, I always suggest an initial session during which we can meet and find out whether the ‘chemistry’ is OK.  If we agree that to work together feels like an appropriate course of action, then we can go ahead – but if either of us believes that a different route or person is needed, I will do my best to refer on to someone suitable.

Psychotherapy and counselling room

My psychotherapy / counselling room